About PloyThai

Ploythai, situated a stone’s throw from the Olympic stadium. You will find the gem that is simple Thai cooking, a simple fusion of modern day and authentic Thai cuisine.

Ploythai is a family owned business and the name of the restaurant is named after the youngest child of the Varnichgorn family. Premmin Varnichgorn worked as a head chef for a leading London restaurant, specialising is the art of Japanese Sushi cuisine. Whilst on the other hand Sue Varnichgorn has immersed herself in the Thai cuisine from her early years. Working as a waitress to become what can only be described as a specialist in cooking in the traditional Thai way The restaurant was established 10 years ago and has seen the transformation of East London and how it is now an amazing place.

Ploythai is in the heart of all of the Stratford and is surely the place to have your family dine in what can only be described as a traditional style Thai décor. We have the friendliest members of staff who certainly will remember your name when you come in and dine with us. Husband and wife, in what can only be described as a wonderful match, run the restaurant.

To write in words what the food and the atmosphere creates cannot be justified as you will need to understand the delicate textures flavour and how all of this fuses together and really dances on the palette of your taste buds. Simply put you will have to try this out for yourself. Come join us at PloyThai.

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